Our Approach

Dzurik LLC was designed to develop products that signify innovation at its finest.  From the ground up our company has connected with not only locals but national companies that involve different industries that have given us good credentials.  What we offer are products that speak for themselves that inspire change in communities, most recently in Colorado Springs and New York City.  Soon… in cities all across the country. From the first gallon of tea to the delicious iced coffee we have at multiple locations, our wide selection of beverages are only the tip of the iceberg as we launch in 2019.

Our Story

David Dzurik’s great grandfather along with his grandfather are chefs. He learned a lot from them and their island soul. When David first got diagnosed with cancer after losing his grandmother to cancer, he said that he remembered not knowing what’s to come.” I had lost my eye sight, my sense of taste and smell “. My doctor recommended that I try cannabis and antioxidants to boost my immune system and overall health. I thought of my elders and began making fruit infused tea. It helped! I wanted to share my tea. I helped supply local clubs with tea- making it available to the public. Everyone who tried it, raved about it. My tea is now world famous. It’s incredible. What did I do in response? I created my own line of coffee with just as outstanding of quality! If you haven’t gotten the chance to try my teas and coffees you are missing out and absolutely need to order!

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

Marketing Director

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David Dzurik

Founder & CEO

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Timothy Barrett


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